Currently, Infor LN is the most effective and mature system for dealing with complex requirements in the areas of logistics, production, sales and service.
The broad functionality allows one to control the complex aspects of operating structures that are unique.
For more than 25 years, Infor LN has proven its worth in manufacturing-based sectors, including machinery, plant and automotive, high-tech and electronics, aerospace and defense.

The Infor LN solution offers a strong standard even from installation.
Despite this, many processes are subject to standardized standards and adjustments are necessary to meet specific needs.

I would be pleased to assist you, be it in consultation, adaptation development and support for your Infor LN, Baan V or Baan IV system.

    • Services Infor ERP
      • Application support and consulting
      • Installation und Configuration
      • Programming and product development
      • Database Tuning
      • Implementation of migration projects
      • First und Second Level Support