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Habel GmbH & Co. KG
Untere Hauptstr. 1-5
78604 Rietheim-Weilheim
In the area of ​​document management, HABEL is one of the leading software companies
over 1,800 national and international customers.
More than 30% of the working time in the administrative area is spent with filing and searching for documents. With the HABEL software you can archive the documents revision-secure. The documents are indexed during scanning and can thus be retrieved in seconds. One of the success of the company is its close relationship to its customers. HABEL understands its customers and their requirements. No customer resembles the other, software solutions off the shelf are therefore not offered. All solutions fit the needs of customers and their individual requirements. This is the great strength of HABEL as a manufacturer.
(+49) (0) 7461 9353 0 Established: 1991
Employees: 75
Offices: Rietheim-Weilheim (Headquarters), Leipzig, Neuhausen (CH)l