Relieving employees - automating processes - working paperlessly

Quick access to all information

The document management system is the collection point of all information, the distributor of tasks, the most consistent interface for your business processes.

The use of a DMS is the entry into the digitization of your company. Digital document management becomes a fixed and central component of the decision-making information base in virtually every organization. The current law on data access (GoBD) leaves little room here.

Dive right in the digital transformation

⁕ Digital filing
⁕ Quick access to all information including complex business transactions
⁕ Optimization of business processes with workflow
⁕ Relief of the e-mail inboxes
⁕ Savings on archive rooms
⁕ Search functions simplify knowledge transfer and research
⁕ Version control and audit security
⁕ Reduction of paper costs
⁕ Reduction of delivery costs
⁕ Compliance with legal requirements

to the solutions

...and what do you have in the bottom line?

a lot ... here are some examples. If you use the DMS properly it will be tight for the competition. You can find even more solutions here.

Make digital files about customers, employees, operations

Combine the data of various origins in the DMS in virtual, digital files. So you get a holistic overview of complex information and can decide quickly and competently.

Notifications for updates

Keep your focus on the essence. Subscribe to documents / transactions and be notified automatically when changes or innovations occur. Thus, you always stay up to date without wasting time.

Internal & external collaboration

You want to securely and automatically exchange documents between areas and with external business partners? Fully automated workflows guide the documents to be edited through departments, to employees, and / or to external partners. You can define workflows yourself and adapt them perfectly to your needs. No long processing time for business transactions anymore because of missing information.

Deadline management & resubmission

Reminders of deadlines happen automatically, accompanying documents are presented in time by the DMS.
The system independently monitors deadlines and resubmissions and reminds you by e-mail and workflow of the regular checking of documents.menten.

"Success is the sum of the right decisions

"From finance to human resources, a fast and secure flow of information is crucial.