Processes and structures are changing. Change with.

Stay relaxed ... we do most of the work anyway.

From the presentation to the implementation, we are responsible for you. Project plans, proposals for archiving and research of documents, specifications, implementation, support and night care. Leave this to us and start using the DMS until it has paid for itself. Usually in the first year.

Because one thing is clear: the digital document management facilitates your everyday work processes and brings your employees into a more efficient and relaxed way of working.


Sure, the time is running, there are more and more players on the field, the digital optimization of your business models right from the start.

Take the lead and opt for a document management system that gives you transparency in the flood of documents and guides your business processes safely into workflows for successful completion.


You have decided to digitize your company? Wonderful, let's talk about the topic DMS shortly.
Telefon, eMail, WhatsApp, as you like best. I'm here for you. And do not worry, no sales pitch, let's just talk about the wishes and requirements for your company and what you expect from the DMS. You decide in peace whether you want to know more and see more.


We can then arrange an appointment for a presentation in which you and your KeyUser can get an overview of the DMS.

Basically, you will definitely contact at least three providers and have the DMS shown in a presentation. Should you too, investing in a document management system should eventually be well worth it.


Before the presentation, describe a business transaction that you would like to see displayed in the presentation.
That way, everyone involved would feel better picked up right from the start. Important point!
In addition to providing the DMS with all functionality, it is very important that employees get a good feel for working in the DMS, which will allow them to do more of the research and editing in the future.


The presentation is free of charge, which also belongs to the service of a competent partner.
One request, however: bring all important employees or key users to the presentation for the appointment. In doing so, you should consider both the future users as well as budget-responsible decision-makers and IT managers.
A later "No, this is not for our processes" or "too unwieldy" can be expensive later, that does not have to be.


Let's meet for a workshop with you. For the IST / SOLL analysis, we should have assembled a team of key users from all relevant departments for dialogue. It is not yet about the final litter, it is important that we can identify all documents and processes that should be mapped in the future in the DMS and can create an immediate added value for you in the workflows.

As the project progresses, we will then identify the remaining evidence with your metadata and bring it to the DMS. In the step, we can then take care of improving or changing the processes.


Another note on the definition of the target state: Determine quite individually, which concrete benefits the DMS should bring to your company. The benefits of using a document management system are many:
As a result, they improve internal processes, save costs for office and archive rooms and can more easily fulfill legal requirements with regard to data protection. Take the time for a differentiated analysis of the existing document and information processes.

And do not be afraid of "paralysis through analysis". We like to go together through the recording process to define the desired state.
Do not be blocked if you do not find a model for the future document and information structure in the department that is to be mapped in the DMS at the core of the problem or in the as-is analysis. Involve us, we really like to help.


So now we know where the journey is going, wonderful. After the functional specification has been prepared for you and agreed with you, we will prepare the project plan. Weight should be placed on current utilization and free internal resources. Finally, we want to avoid blocking the implementation process of your key users and thus departments. Time is ... well you know


The detailed schedule then shows you the order of the tasks to be done and the names of the persons responsible from the beginning to the end of your DMS project. The schedule serves as a guide for the entire course of the project. At it one can orient oneself and check, whether all tasks were fulfilled on time and which tasks are to be done next.


After we have agreed the specifications and project plan with you, we will install and configure the DMS in a remote or on-site appointment. Once we have completed the initial test, your key users will come into play for testing and acceptance. Of course we will support you during this phase as well. Often there is still something to adjust or to train employees.


By the way, the training of your administration and key users takes place already during the implementation so that they are prepared for the test phase.
As soon as the specifications and any adjustment requests have been implemented, the final acceptance takes place. We document this status for you and hand over everything to your IT department for inclusion in ... the process documentation. Already you are a big piece in the digital home.
By default, we will contact you after 6 months to make sure you are satisfied with your DMS.


Don't worry, you will get ∞Support∞. After the introduction of your DMS, we will continue to provide comprehensive support. For example, at Digital Check 2 after six months. We can then gladly introduce possible improvements on-the-fly.

The DMS is the core in every digitized company

It is the central point where knowledge from different areas flows together