Individually customizable to optimally support your processes

Map complex processes

Simply archiving documents and making them discoverable, everyone can do that.
It will only really be interesting if the DMS specifically supports your specialist areas.

Standardization and automation help us to think ahead. But our daily work often does not fit into these templates.
Of course, there are always recurrent elements in our processes. But in detail, the work steps differ from process to process.

Workflows provide the flexibility to create complex workflows quickly and easily without programming knowledge.

Solutions for your document management system

From the entry to the booking

After receipt, the document is digitized, marked, read out, classified and stored in a process-oriented manner.

As you can see, you do not have to keep your hands on an incoming invoice in the future.
Thanks to the numerous interfaces, it is also possible to process the billing process automatically. Thus, a transfer of the documents and the booking in the accounting software is easily possible. If the invoice is then transferred to the workflow, you really have everything under control.

Digitally map, optimize, control and monitor corporate processes

Check, release and booking of incoming invoices or processing of new customer inquiries.We both know what's coming now: The common feature of all these processes is that individual tasks are to be processed by specific employees within a certain period of time.

To ensure this, it is necessary that all relevant information and documents are pinpointed.This is best done by the workflow in the DMS. The workflow can be set up very easily and without any programming knowledge, so that you can gradually independently represent and optimize all company processes.


Optimize your HR processes

Ask your HR department who knows exactly what information should be available where and which operations need to be done manually by each employee.

The digital personnel file replaces many routine tasks in human resources.

Personnel documents of employees are automatically entered into the digital document management system and managed centrally.
In a short time you will be in many areas, such. As payroll, sick leave, overtime, travel expenses, contracting, training, resubmissions or applicant management relieved.

The e-mail interface sends your outgoing mail electronically or classically by e-mail from the DMS

Would you rather save yourself the way to the post office? Print out, insert, frank and send a letter.If you can do it that way, it's very old school. Have your original mail printed and sent by the DMS.

SmartMail takes over the transfer to the E-POST printing center of Deutsche Post AG fully automatically.

You can save on printing, enveloping and franking from now on! Simply determine who should receive a real letter or who will receive the document as an email.

Automatically detect, read and tag documents

So can we work without paper, please? We are more or less digitally native so ...
Your business has been running for more than 2 years? Congratulation! As a rule, most of the incoming correspondence is thus exchanged only with strategic business partners. Wonderful, so we can begin to standardize the document recognition and save even more time in editing.

Automatic document recognition reads these documents automatically, archives them legally compliant and makes the data available for other applications (such as your financial accounting). By using OCR character recognition, a search term can be determined at predefined locations in the scanned document.

For similar documents and for repetitive filing and archiving activities, the readout can be automated. As a result, a significant relief of routine activities with a high detection effort is possible. And your employees will have more time for much more interesting tasks.

Digitally reproduce complete files, no matter where the contents come from

You've probably heard the term x times after you started dealing with DMS, right?

Personnel files, project files, customer files, supplier files, vehicle files, contract files, etc. in paper form, in file folders or information in Excel lists. Terrible. It's just getting too fast too fast. In which file, which document was filed and in case of cases, it has been filed as a precaution twice ... Forget that!

In dynamic files you will find your documents guaranteed thanks to previous tagging and full-text search again.

It does not matter in which file a document lies. You need your file on the go? No problem! Your electronic file is also available via the WebViewer, alternatively you can take your file offline on a USB stick.

You always have the DMS with you on a smartphone, tablet or laptop

We do not have to describe that in detail, that is self-evident meanwhile.

We are on the web at home and the DMS with all content is always everywhere with two clicks in sight, fits.

Already archive emails on the server or integrate them as an application in Outlook

Of course, corporate correspondence today is almost electronic.
There are still certain storage requirements to be observed, which are e.g. in the HGB, in the AO and in the GoBD are regulated. The information is often tax-relevant and must therefore be stored electronically in accordance with Section 147 (1) of the Tax Code. In addition, tax-relevant information, including e-mails, must be available at all times and without delay.
The examiner is never far away. Last but not least, the information and agreements exchanged in the mail traffic are important for in-house process optimization. That should be our main focus, not always just what the legislature demands from us!

We offer two options: MailArchive and MailAddin. Automatic insertion of special eMails into the DMS or manual insertion.

I do not like to use the word archive anymore, that sounds too much like "put away and forget". When we talk about digital archiving, that's quite different again.
After archiving, emails are linked to all other data. So you see all information about a process, a customer, a project, etc. bundled at a glance. The connection here is again? jepp, the e-file.

Manage QM documents centrally and keep them up to date

QM demands precision, zero tolerance to ensure perfect results.

In the DMS, all stations of your QM documents can be mapped. The system independently monitors deadlines and resubmissions and reminds you by e-mail and workflow of the regular checking of documents.

The exact logging of all process steps up to the central audit-proof archiving. All documents are always available in the latest version. Complete history is not a question.

Optimize your claims management processes

Difficult topic right here in Berlin, I know ... But that's why we have to straighten out a lot here with transparency.
Here is our partner casavi at the start! casavi is the leading cloud solution for digital real estate management as well as online services for buildings, residents and service providers. Comprehensive management of real estate, no pill-trap.

Each owner has the opportunity to retrieve documents, such as his utility bill on the casavi platform online.

If a request is made in casavi, it will be transferred to the DMS in real time, which automatically starts a digital workflow there. Not only does this mean lower administration costs, it also offers owners an advantageous service. With the casavi connection, paperwork in claims management is a thing of the past! Give the owners some self-government and let the savings flow back to the tenants.

Flexible and simple interface configuration to existing ERP systems

Integration is one of the leading buzzwords in digitization. Not only in digital processes, but also in the integration of people.

The DMS integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, your business processes and thus into your company.

Our open interfaces make it possible! Your data is cross-software aligned and made available for different applications. No walls anymore.

Stellen Sie mit uns sicher, dass Sie GoBD-konform arbeiten

In addition to the reliable functionality of the DMS, several statutory provisions must be adhered to and complied with, including the GoBD (Principles for the proper management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form and data access).

In order for your DMS to be audit-proof, you need to be aware of additional requirements, including your hardware and software landscape, your organization, and related process documentation. We just give you a sample, individual processes and procedures must of course be supplemented.

Full control over all contracts - do not miss any deadlines

That's something that should become standard. If I should have put more to the top of the list, right. Smart contracts, is there something ringing?

In order to get in that direction we have to let the contracts live and give them their own responsibility. Whether rental, lease, maintenance, purchase or employment contract. From contract entry or creation and deadline monitoring to legally compliant archiving, the DMS takes care of that. Do not miss any deadlines! Reduce costs, work contracts easily and efficiently. Transparency and efficiency - at any time and in any place.

Match business contacts with current EU sanction lists

Did you know that every company is obliged to compare its employees, customers and partners against the EU sanction lists?

Organizations or persons on these lists may not receive any financial assets. These include, for example, money, economic resources, assets of all kinds, any kind of credit or guarantees. If these lists are not reconciled in the case of business contact, fines are imminent or even imprisonment! There are also other country-specific lists that need to be reconciled if you have business in the respective country.
The challenge: monitor relevant lists and make adjustments. This adjustment must be made for each new customer or employee, in addition to a change in the lists.

Also there's another solution in the DMS. The DMS ensures that you are always automatically checked against the latest EU lists and automatically notified when hits occur. Changing the lists causes a new check of the data.

What does not fit is made to fit

"Digital first" must also apply to the middle class, so that it remains competitive and ahead!

Time and cost savings. With a DMS, the biggest time wasters in everyday life are eliminated. Find everything within seconds by entering fewer keywords.