Infor ERP system ⇄ Document management system

Developed quickly and individually on your system

⁜ Pass metadata and documents to DMS
⁜ Connect external documents with ERP processes in the DMS
⁜ Start search in the DMS directly from the Infor ERP system

Timeframe of interface development:
We're not talking about weeks here, just a few days!

We let the cat out of the bag

Let's talk. I describe what the interface can do and how it can be used by you.

In your Infor ERP system, we check whether the prerequisites have been fulfilled so that the interface can be used.
For this we make best a TeamViewer appointment. See you for example whether the TIV is high enough, whether the licenses for the Baan Report Archiving are already in use, etc.

In order to be able to bring the data from the ERP system into the DMS and also to be able to research it from the ERP system, we should talk to the DMS managers right from the beginning and discuss the possibilities on the DMS side.

Now that it is clear that your system is perfectly suited to the interface, we can come together in a workshop.
Ok, how is this workshop going? Relaxed at best.
In order to determine in one go how the IST can be turned into a better SOLL, we meet with your KeyUsers who can tell us the best way to work better with the DMS from the ERP system. We record which documents from the ERP system are to be transported to the DMS with which index data (metadata).

It is very important to keep in mind from the outset that we determine the documents and metadata so that we can finally create digital records in the DMS and find the best possible results in the research. This means That we have to think of the DMS direction, the research in the DMS and thus a more effective work in the DMS is our goal.

So, the workshop was a little piece of work. But we are all better protected against overhead and implementation errors.
Now that we all know what we want, how it is used and used, we can estimate the cost and utilization of your resources. Ideally, we have already defined your KeyUser for the project in the workshop or in the discussion afterwards. These can therefore be included in the later tests. So next step: project plan with milestones, which we can then vote together.

Here we go. Once your IT department has set up access, the interface is created on your system and configured according to our plans in the workshop. Before your KeyUser tests, an initial test is performed so as not to burden your employees unnecessarily.
Only then will the KeyUser go through various test scenarios in order to be able to accept the interface.

When the heat is on. For or before the use of the software in Live, those responsible will be trained so that most of them can be remedied in case of emergency. Also to be able to manage and adapt the interface completely independently.

The most flexible interface in your DMS is handmade

We should discuss this in detail