Digital Workplace: Intranet / Extranet - Employee Portal - Social Collaboration

Do you use the most valuable asset of your company?

Only briefly:
How do you manage to get your employees excited? How can employees join the company? How do you enable new employees a relaxed and fast start? Where can your employees share information, share documents and collaborate? How do the employees currently vote, which food should be available at the event or which destination could be chosen at the next company event? Where is your knowledge base in the company?

If you say "Pfff, done a long time ago, everything is awesome here". Okay, maybe you want to check the option Intrexx or who knows, eventually you will change your existing system against something new and suitable.


Stay agile, even when things are going up

Intranet / extranet, these topics are often still far down in the list of prio for most medium-sized companies.
I recently advised a company that provides health services with high-tech equipment in two locations. There are many multilingual staff in different fields of activity. Sounds great, right?

Now it comes: The equipment is expensive, but not busy, since the use planning takes place in the Middle Ages and thus no quick movements are possible. Employees are not well enough connected to communicate and coordinate their processes quickly and flexibly. Every employee who leaves the company usually emigrates to other companies who are happy to integrate and store the knowledge in their own company. The successful companies use intranet solutions.

Intranet/Extranet with INTREXX !
  • Easily share information and easily access important features without changing the application.
    With the intranet solution, employees can now see what their rosters look like or have changed.

    Devices can be deployed in a fast, versatile and coordinated manner, as the capture and scheduling of new customers and orders on the intranet can be planned early enough for everyone involved. Absences or sick leave are immediately visible to departments where the employee is needed other options can be planned.
  • Collaborative, team and cross-company information provides or works together.
    No more media breaks, X-Mail sent and printed emails, continuous printing or resending and printing again.

    Information from a wide variety of applications can now be combined in a completely new way and displayed clearly. You can access enterprise applications from your mobile device, such as: For example, new cases or notifications, or the latest customer requests, sales, service requests, or production data. There is also the possibility to exchange ideas with colleagues immediately. Your customers call in the company portal with little effort certain service cases and arrange the same date with one of your suppliers, without having to tedious and cumbersome to mediate a person. This is the digital workplace - the workplace of tomorrow today.You can quickly confirm the employee's vacation request by phone, approve the reports for GL, or see if customer X has given feedback on campaign Y. So you have everything under control, no matter where you are. Your requirements, our solutions.
  • Sustainable and viable
    Ok, the word sustainability could soon be overused and used in other areas that are even more important.
    Sustainably rather in the sense that you do not have to buy the next solution every few years because you can not continue in a changed environment with the existing tool.

    It would also be unsustainable for a company to constantly refill new machines simply because they did not initially think that these machines could produce a modified product in three years. The Intrexx solution we use to implement your solution comes with one Framework supplied, in which all applications can be developed. With the market-leading standard software, you integrate people and information into processes, promote company-independent communication in the company, consolidate and simplify existing applications, manage documents and projects and make your applications mobile. Future is really futuristic, right?

Diversity makes you strong!

Globalization, demographic change and migration as well as changing market conditions require a realignment.
In a diverse and heterogeneous population, it is important that this cultural diversity is reflected in companies and their communication channels.

And yes, an intranet can bring the introvert much closer to the extrovert than you think. And that is just the beginning.
Diversity starts with the freedom you give to your employees. Then the rest of digitization is a breeze.

Your intranet is the basis for successful teamwork.

Support the flexibility, personal responsibility and flexibility of all employees. They are worth it!