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Roll your shopping cart through the Intrexx Applikation Store. There you will find many applications (mostly free) that you can use in your context. And best of all, if needed, applications in Intrexx can be tailored to your business and your needs.

Together you can do everything!
Social Collaboration & Internal Communication

With the Social Collaboration App you change structures and cultures. The latest tools in Share will bring your employees together.

Order into chaos
Document Management

With document management for Intrexx you manage documents in the company and bring order to the chaos.
After a few weeks, searching for documents and files will finally be a thing of the past and you will be able to provide relevant information to all employees in an appealing way.

Stay safe, keep quality
Quality Management

With the QM portal for Intrexx, you no longer leave the quality of your services and products to chance.
Now also with integrated audit and KPV management.

Prepare information and present it in an appealing way
Content Management System

With the CMS application, you can create complex content pages in your Intrexx portal with the help of content modules.
Texts, pictures and videos can be freely inserted according to your needs.
There are no limits.

Or simply create your own application with Intrexx! All inclusive, you do not have to buy anything to do that.

Using drag & drop, you quickly and easily create input and output elements and buttons in the graphical user interface, thus developing high-performance applications in record time. In addition, integrated templates can be quickly adapted to individual requirements and accelerate application creation immensely.

Step 1

Determine application requirements

Step 2

Open Portal Manager and get started right away

Step 4

Publish application

Discover how networked work will look like in the future.

Your app is not there yet? We like to build it for you